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17 April 2011


  • We offer articles on the visual issues using rich interdisciplinary perspectives. Since it went online in 2007, and became a regularly-maintained active site in 2009, the Karbon Journal has been the only online journal in Indonesia that discusses the urban issues that employ interdisciplinary perspectives. We wish to encompass all possible discussions on cities in Indonesia. Today, we are pressing ahead with our research and expanding our network of writers, and you can also help us in this process.
  • Bilingual. All essays will be presented in two languages, Indonesian and English. Your articles will be translated by a team of professional translators who work both ways: if you write in Indonesian, we will translate your essay into English, and vice-versa.
  • Open for public. The majority of Indonesian journals are not easily accessible to the public. With an online format, the Karbon Journal is accessible, free of charge, to the general public, from all walks of life and a range of disciplines.
  • Accessible. We offer our readers a form of writing that combines the essay, reader-friendly academic writing, and feature writing. Such combination makes your writing easy to read, without compromising its depth and shrewdness. We also accept interviews if we consider the format to be suitable with the chosen theme. For practical reasons, we call all forms of writing that we publish on the Karbon Journal ‘articles’.
  • Independent. We accept articles that other mass media may not publish due to its sensitive content. As long as your article is interesting and it is important for the public to be aware of the issue presented there due to the lack of discussion on the issue in other media, we will consider your article.
  • Reach. The Karbon Journal is visited by increasingly more viewers each year. In the beginning of 2009, we had 2000-odd visitors every month, and the number kept on increasing to reach around 6000 per month at the end of 2009. In 2010, we intend to gain more visitors. Our website pagerank now reaches 5 out of 10 (ten being the highest rank). Presented in two languages, your article can be read by viewers all around the world.


  • Reading the city using a variety of visual works. The problems of the city in Indonesia can be considered using a range of visual works, such as public art works, films, comics, television programs, stickers, posters, and many other visual works which had been born in the city and are about the city.
  • The public space and the visual issues in the city. We accept articles about the urban issues in Indonesia that are related to the visual issues of the city, the architecture, the urban public space, lifestyle changes, with strong social, political, and cultural relevance to the public at large.
  • The city in history. We accept articles about the urban issues in Indonesia written from a historical perspective that is still highly relevant for us today.

We accept articles from people coming from many different backgrounds—journalists, academics, researchers, students, activists, and everyone who is interested in writing about the city in Indonesia, using a variety of perspectives.


  • If you are still in the early stage of writing your article, you do not need to rush in and submit your complete writing in its final form. You can first send us one-page abstract of your writing and discuss it with our editors. If we find your abstract suitable for us, we will collaborate with you as you finish your article until it is ready to be published.
  • If you feel comfortable with sending us a final article, feel free to do so, but we might still edit it to make it sharper and more interesting or readable. We will keep you updated and conduct all editing process in consultation with you.
  • We accept articles that have been previously published, but some revisions might be necessary to maintain the articles’ relevance with our current context. You might be required to revise the article as per our suggestions, so that it might eventually become a new article for Karbon Journal.
  • You can read articles in previous editions of Karbon Journal to gain a feeling of the kind of articles and the style of writing that we publish.
  • All submissions should be sent to editor@karbonjournal.org. We will conduct the editorial process and consultations through this e-mail address. If needs be, we can also meet you and discuss the plan for your articles with you, provided that you live in Jakarta.