February 2012

Englek on a Pedestrian Bridge. A popular game in Indonesia, usually played by children both in rural and urban settings, has many names. Pacih in Aceh, Setatak in Riau, Tejek-tejekan in Jambi, Cak Ingking Gerpak in Sumatera Selatan, Odik in Jawa Timur, Siki Doka in Nusa Tenggara Timur, and most popularly as Englek (information was taken from this link). It is so popular, that its latest form of evolution was seen on a pedestrian bridge across the first shopping center in Jakarta, Sarinah, Central Jakarta (06/06). It seemed like a serious urban intervention, although it could not be traced who made it, or for what purpose. What difference would it bring if the intervention was done by an artist, or just a teenager with too many times on her hand? Is this what can be truly considered as public art? Farid Rakun | September 2011



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